Sunday, November 14, 2021

Happy Fall! Time is running, already again nearly Thanksgiving! No snow yet, but another Holiday Season is upon us, time to find that special gift for your loved one! Check my website and contact me for availability, still have some carvings of my fantasy cottonwood cottages... my little dream creations where you can hide your inner thoughts, your sorrows .... they are available with backing or just simply hang them on the wall. Looking forward to hearing from you....

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

 March 31st, 2021: thought I'd better write a post today and not tomorrow, so you don't think it's an April Fool's entry!!

Life is good, we are both inocculated against Covid, but still wearing our masks... I still have not found time nor the energy to carve or have my creative juices flow again.... just not the energy I used to have and so many other things to take cate of! but I am not giving up.... trying to get going again :) 

Happy Easter to all my friends and family all over the world.... miss you all and look forward to seeing you again <3

Friday, October 9, 2020

October 9th, 2020: Welcome to my quite inactive website during these very strange times!

Wish I could say that I had plenty of time to carve in these Covid19 days, but NO.... hard to find creative energy as I have been very tired and also quite busy with other things. At least finally managed to hang up some of my carvings that still would like to find new owners! 

Paul and I have been doing lots of day trips for his DNA butterfly research, nice to be socially isolated out in nature! But that is now also harder with fall's lower temperatures and all the smoke from the horrible fires not only in CA, WA and OR, but now also here in CO, very close west of Fort Collins! ...  and now also in WY!! My son in MT also had a fire west of his small town, and they have been inundated with smoke in their little valley as well! The only positive: it creates amazing sunrises and sunsets!

So we are plugging along, hanging in there, and feel lucky to have the internet for virtual meetings and "whatsapp" to keep in touch with family who makes time to keep in touch :) Hope you all are doing well and find ways to keep busy and healthy in our isolation. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Welcome to 2018
It has been a busy year, so not too much time to carve! But I still am working hard at finding more ideas to spread the art of cottonwood bark carving!
Above displayed one of my recent carvings,
"La Montanara" (23.2cm= 9.2"),
which already found a new home.
Send me an email if you are interested in one of my  carvings, or check out what I have on consignment at the
"Blue Moose",
a wonderful gift store in Fort Collins.

"Chateau des Reves" (17.6cm= 6.85")

"Mountain of Secrets"
Donated to ArtWorks 2018-11 for their "12x12 $100 Fundraiser"
and it found a new home at the event

Welcome to 2017
Already a busy year finding more ideas to spread the art of cottonwood bark carving!
Send me an email if you are interested in one of my  carvings, or check out what I have on consignment at the
"Blue Moose",
a wonderful gift store in Fort Collins.
Memories of Saint Malo, the little "Chapel on the Rock",  
close to Allenspark, CO

Monday, February 8, 2016

Welcome to 2016:
a continuing annual site

Any requests or personalized gift ideas?
I will create special wishes in wood -
Inquire by email: 
I am part of the Northern Colorado Woodcarvers' Club.
We have meetings every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6-8 PM
at the Woodcraft Store east of Loveland, next to Boomgars off McWhinney Blvd.
Check our group's Facebook page:

Want to see some of my carvings?
I am excited: A new wonderful gift store has accepted my cottonwood carvings in their assortment. Stop by and see all the wonderful creations, amazing gifts they offer from many local artists:
Blue Moose
4032 College Ave., A3, Fort Collins, CO
(North of Best Buy, close to Mt.Fuji and Tres Margaritas)
November 2016:
Participated in our annual NCWCC Show, Loveland, CO
Installed on an Acacia Lazy Susan (15" diameter) plus another Acacia tree ring
with Cottonwood Bark carvings: a church (# 54), 7 mini cottages (# 45, 46, 51, 52, 53, 56, 60),
a carved Cottonwood "Fir Tree" w/sparkle (2016-11) (17.5cm=6.75”)
+ 4 tiny Acorn (Oak seeds) Planter pots!
October 2016:
Entered the Colorado Carver's Annual Show in Golden, CO

"Pumpkin House # 3, + 4 (SOLD) "

Cottage on Rock w/steps to House
Mini Cottage # 60 (2016-11) (7cm=2.75”) 


"Lorelei's Lair"
Cottage # 59 (20 cm = 8.75”) 

Medieval Skyscraper
Cottage # 57 (2016-11) (63cm=14.75”)   

Bavarian Cottage
Mini Cottage # 56 2016-11) (8cm=3.25”)

"Step up to Love" 
Cottage # 55 (2016-11)  SOLD
Mini Cottage Church
Cottage # 54 (2016-11) (25cm=10”)
Mini Cottage w/ Heart & Tree
Cottage # 53 (2016-09)(12cm=4.5”)

Mini Cottage w/ Heart
Cottage # 52 (2016-09)(10.5cm=4.2”)

Mini Cottage w/ green Tree
 Cottage # 51 ( 2016-09)(11.5cm=4.5”)
Cliff Dwelling #1
(27cm=9.5" wide) N/A

"Sierra Dream Castle" 
Cottage # 49 (2016-06) (40.5cm =16”)  N/A

"Sierra Spirit's Home"

Cottage # 48 (2016-06) (15cm=5.9”) SOLD

"Stairway to Heaven"
Cottage # 47 (20 cm = 7.75”)

"Tree Hideaway"
Mini Cottage # 46 (16 cm = 6.25”) 
 "Bavarian Chalet"
Mini Cottage # 45 (2016-03) (8.2cm=3.25”)

 "Fairies' Airie"
Cottage # 44 (32.5 cm =  12.75")  SOLD
A Gnome on Demand
 Gnome # 1 (Basswood - 12.5 cm, 4.88") N/A

Back to more Cottonwood Bark Cottages! 

Swiss Chalet 
Cottage # 43 (6 cm = 2.45") N/A

"Safe Harbor" Light House
Cottage # 42 (24.8 cm =  9.75") N/A
Dwarf Castle (sold)
Cottage # 41 (18.3 cm = 7 3/8")
     Hobbit's Hideaway (sold)
                                                     Cottage # 40 (15.2 cm =  6")                                    
The Hobbit can come in from the steps in the back,
and proceed through tunnels and stairways to the front!
  Leaning Castle (with black wooden base)
Cottage # 39 (height 46 cm =  18.2", without wooden base )   

Leaning Castle (with black wooden base)
Cottage # 39 (height 46 cm =  18.2", without wooden base )   

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Artwork

Welcome to 2015! 

Want to see more of my work? Feel free to come to my "Artist of the Month" exhibit until September 28th, 2015, at Western States Bank,  Loveland CO (near Hobby Lobby on Hwy. 287)


"Kitchen Alley", a store full of wonderful kitchen ideas on 4th Street in Loveland, CO, will have again some of my carvings on display.

(Measurements are height of art work. N/A means not available)
   You always wanted to know where my wood comes from? The Bark of the Cottonwood Tree

"Happy Halloween", Cottage # 38
(14.8 cm = 5 7/8")   (Sold)
"Troldhaugen" (with wooden base)
Norwegian for "Troll House on the Hill"
 Cottage # 37 (32 cm = 12.75")
"Smooth Sailing", Light Tower # 3
 Cottage # 36 (22 cm = 9") (Sold)
"Hobbit's Home", Cottage # 35  ( 11.5cm = 4.5") (Sold)
Business Card Holder  (15 cm = 5.9") N/A

 "High in the Sky", Cottage # 34 (34.8 cm = 13.75")

"Cloud Castle", Cottage # 33 
(30 cm =  11.7") SOLD

Alvin's Dream Castle, Cottage # 32 (10.5 cm = 4.25") (N/A)
Under the Tree, Cottage # 31 (37.5 cm = 14.75")
Round About Castle #1, Cottage # 30 (17 cm = 6.75") (Sold)
Rocky Hide-Out, Cottage # 29 (Sold)
Tree House, Cottage # 28 (33 cm = 13.25")

Pumpkin house # 2 (Cottage # 27) (6.5"= 16.5 cm) (Sold)


"Light Tower" - Cottage # 26 (25 cm = 10.5")

Dwarf Cottage, Cottage # 25 (12.5 cm = 5") (Sold)

"Castle in the Trees" - Cottage # 24 (26 cm = 10.25")